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STAR-Heart Study: Stem Cells Associated With Improved Long-Term Hemodynamics and Reduced Mortality in Chronic Heart Failure

August 29, 2010 (Stockholm, Sweden) — The largest clinical trial so far of intracoronary autologous stem-cell transplantation in patients with chronic heart failure has shown that such treatment was associated with multiple hemodynamic and functional benefits as well as a reduction in mortality, benefits that were maintained out to five years of follow-up. The STAR-heart [...]

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Duodenal ulcer, can it be cured?

Treatment Medical Care Treatment of duodenal ulcers varies depending on the etiology and clinical presentation. The initial management of a stable patient with dyspepsia differs from the management of an unstable patient with upper GI hemorrhage. In the latter scenario, failure of medical management not uncommonly leads to surgical intervention. Although the therapeutic principles of [...]

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One Touch Ultra Smart UltraSmart Blood Glucose Monitoring System

_ One Touch Ultra Smart UltraSmart Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Radiology swing arm shield

Radiology swing-arm shield 12 lbsSwing-Arm™ Scatter Shield® provides lower extremity protection for personnel close to the tube. 24″ W x 32″ L lead shield swings 180° along table. Ideal for cardiac cath, special studies, electrophysiology and the O.R. Available with mounting block for radiology tables or without block to mount on O.R. tables with standard [...]

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PACS radiology table

PACS Radiology Table PACS Radiology Table  Heavy-duty, tubular steel construction with tilting front and large concave waterfall surface to eliminate sharp edges and corners. 78″ x 46″ adjustable, split work surface goes from 24″ to 50″ w/height memory. Weight capacity of 300-lbs per work surface. Heavy-duty, tubular steel construction. Adjustable split work surface. Weight capacit [...]

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PET Scan,diagnostic role

A positron emission tomography (PET) scan is a unique type of imaging test that helps doctors see how the organs and tissues inside your body are actually functioning. The test involves injecting a very small dose of a radioactive chemical, called a radiotracer, into the vein of your arm. The tracer travels through the body [...]

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Nimotuzumab for treatment of lung cancer

Few years ago there were very few treatment options available for lung cancer. Recent years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the selection of drugs that are effective against lung cancer. Some where during the last few years the mode of treatment for lung cancer have shifted from the traditional non-specific forms of chemotherapy to [...]

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Is my baby ready… Food & Drink

You asked us: Is my baby ready… …to stop breastfeeding? …to drink water? …to drink cow’s milk and eat dairy foods? …to drink juice? …to eat wheat or rice baby cereal? …to eat solid foods? …to eat fish or sushi? …to eat honey? …to eat strawberries? …to eat peanuts and other nuts? Experts: Daina Kalnins [...]

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Episiotomy: Can you deliver a baby without one?

An episiotomy is an incision made in the tissue between the vaginal opening and anus (perineum) during childbirth. Although an episiotomy was once a routine part of childbirth, that’s no longer the case. If you’re planning a vaginal delivery, here’s what you need to know about episiotomy and childbirth. The episiotomy tradition For many years, [...]

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