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Duodenal ulcer, can it be cured?

Treatment Medical Care Treatment of duodenal ulcers varies depending on the etiology and clinical presentation. The initial management of a stable patient with dyspepsia differs from the management of an unstable patient with upper GI hemorrhage. In the latter scenario, failure of medical management not uncommonly leads to surgical intervention. Although the therapeutic principles of [...]

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Diarrhea-Antibiotic associated

Antibiotic-associated diarrhea can cause signs and symptoms that range from mild to severe. Most often, you’ll have only a slight change in the bacteria in your digestive tract, which can cause loose stools or more bowel movements a day than are normal for you. If you develop these problems, they’re likely to begin about five [...]

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Antibiotic Breakthrough

Since their invention during the last century, antibiotics have revolutionised healthcare. However, excessive use, over-prescription and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant infections means antibiotics being likened to a lit window in the night that flashes open for just a moment before it shuts again, according to Dr Robert Masterton, executive medical director and consultant microbiologist at [...]

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Safety and efficacy of polymyxin B in multidrug resistant gram-negative severe sepsis and septic shock

Background and Aims: The emergence of multidrug resistant strains of Gram-negative bacteria, especially the lactose nonfermenters like Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter, in the intensive care units have prompted renewed worldwide interest in the polymyxins. However, perceived nephrotoxicity has been a major vexation limiting their early and regular use in severe sepsis. This study was conducted to [...]

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ABSTRACT Case report: We describe a case of a 74-year-old woman who experienced visual hallucinations after ciprofloxacin administration, when she was also taking theophylline, which resolved on cessation of the ciprofloxacin. Discussion: Although uncommon, all ophthalmologists should be aware of this potential problem and be familiar with the adverse visual effects which may occur in [...]

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