Nimotuzumab for treatment of lung cancer

Nimotuzumab (TheraCIM) for treatment of lung cancer Few years ago there were very few treatment options available for lung cancer. Recent years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the selection of drugs that are effective against lung cancer. Some where during the last few years the mode of treatment for lung cancer have shifted from the traditional non-specific forms of chemotherapy to more specific targeted therapy. In the last few years we have seen FDA approvals for two targeted therapies for lung cancer namely Geftiniband Erlotinib .

More and more targeted therapies are in pipeline for lung cancer. It looks like the monstrous lung cancer is slowly getting defeated. Nimotuzumab ┬áis a monoclonal antibody directed against the EGF receptor. Nimotuzumab has demonstrated very encouraging results in both children and adults with brain cancer. Now YM BioSciences, manufacturer of Nimotuzumab, is proceeding to clinical trials in lung cancer using this new drug. The proposed randomized Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) trial will compare the effects of the combination of nimotuzumab with radiation against radiation alone in selected patients with stage IIB and III disease. This drug is also currently undergoing a Phase II monotherapy trial in Europe in patients with advanced metastatic pancreatic cancer.” A recent study using nimotuzumab in combination with radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal cancer patients has completed in China and has demonstrated substantial benefit. Based on this finding nimotuzumab resulting in drug approved for sale in China.

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