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Drug-Induced Prolongation of the QT Interval

In the past decade, the single most common cause of the withdrawal or restriction of the use of drugs that have already been marketed has been the prolongation of the QT interval associated with polymorphic ventricular tachycardia, or torsade de pointes (Figure 1), which can be fatal.1 Nine structurally unrelated drugs that were marketed in [...]

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Cardiac arrhythmias due to severe hypokalemia in a patient with classic Bartter disease

Abstract We report a young girl with classic Bartter disease (type III) with severe hypokalemia (2.0 mmol/l) who developed a prolonged heart rate-corrected QT interval of 510 ms (upper reference 430 ms) and ST segment depression in all leads. Holter electrocardiography was performed (with a plasma potassium level of 2.0 mmol/l) and it disclosed a stable sinus rhythm, a [...]

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