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MSCT matches cardiac MRI for emergency myocardial infarction assessment

Multislice CT is just as accurate as MRI in assessing myocardial infarct size in an emergency setting, according to a recent study conducted by researchers in France and the U.S. The latest data validate previous findings suggesting delayed-enhancement myocardial CT correlates well with measures of infarction size done with cardiac MR. Infarct size is one [...]

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Neuroimaging in Leukodystrophies: Conventional Brain MRI

Owing to its high sensitivity, MRI is the primary neuroimaging modality used to detect and characterize white-matter abnormalities in patients with leukodystrophies.[8,9] Several important contributions of MRI have been recognized.[7] First, MRI shows gross morphology and involvement of different brain structures or tissue classes. Typically, leukodystrophies are associated with increased T1 and T2 relaxation times [...]

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